Waterlands Aquatic Centre

At Waterlands Aquatics we provide all you need to start up or build on your existing aquatics display. With a wide range of cold water and tropical fish, water and fish treatments, lighting, pumps and filters, at Waterlands you can find everything you need all in one place.

Our expert and friendly Aquatics team have over 35 years experience and are always willing to help with any questions or problems you may have. Waterlands Aquatic centre holds 170 tanks in the Tropical Fish area housing a wide variety of well stocked species from Community to chichlids and oddballs. We are known for holding some unusual, rare and new species along with all of the commonly seen species; these species include the following:

Community Tetras Rams Blue, gold, Electric blue
Danios Pencils Mollys
Corydoras species Swordtails Dollors
Sharks Fighters Rasboras
Angels Platys Guppies
Botias Chichlids
Central American
South American
Lungfish Snakeheads Pike cichlids
Tiger Fish Redtail Catfish Tigher/Zebra shovelnose
Pleco species (flash, royal, megaclown, butterfly, chaestoma, clown, ancistris)



Waterlands Aquatics also has a large coldwater section which was completed in April 2009 with huge success. This section contains nine small vats, Five 500 gallon vats and one 4000 gallon pool. There is always a wide variety of Fish Species for sale in the cold water room including;

Koi of all sizes and grades  
Sarasa Comets Ghost and Mirror Carp Sturgeon
Goldfish Shubunkins Grass Carp
Rudd Butterfly Ghosts  



Ponds can be an ideal visual feauture in your garden, allowing you to enjoy both the additional variety of plants a pond allows, along with a stunning aquatic display.


Whether Preformed or to a custom design, Waterlands can provide everything you need to setting up or expanding on your current pond.

With a wide range of top quality preformed ponds, liners and underlays, Waterlands staff can advise on whats best for you and your garden.

Pumps and filters are an integral part of any water system, indoor or outdoor. An easy to maintain, reliable system is essential in ensuring you can always get the best out of you feature.

To ensure the health and longevity of your fish its imperative that you choose the correct products when creating or updating your system. Waterlands staff are able to offer a full range of advice from designing your systems, system maintenance to any problems that you have with your current system.

Opening times:
Mon-Sat 09:00-16:30
Sun 10:00-16:00