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Aquatics Centre | Tropical, Marine, Pond & Cold Water Fish in Kent

Dillywood Aquatics Centre - About Us

At Dillywood Aquatics Centre we provide all you need to start up or build on your existing aquatics display. With a wide range of cold water and tropical fish, water and fish treatments, lighting, pumps and filters, at Dillywood Aquatics Centre you can find everything you need all in one place.

Our expert and friendly Aquatics team have over 35 years experience and are always willing to help with any questions or problems you may have. Dillywood Aquatics Centre holds 170 tanks in the Tropical Fish area housing a wide variety of well stocked species from Community to Cichlids and Oddballs. We are known for holding some unusual, rare and new species along with all of the commonly seen species.

Tropical Fish

Marine Fish

Dillywood Aquatics | Tropical Fish

There are many species of fish for
a tropical aquarium which are
inexpensive and very easy to keep.
At Dillywood Aquatics Centre we
stock a wide range of the most
popular community fish including
Tetras, Barbs, Danios, Gouramies,
Rainbow fish, Guppies, Platies,
Mollies, Catfish and Loaches.

Most of our fish will live quite
happily in small to medium sized
aquaria with the minimum of
maintenance and care. Feeding is normally a daily routine with a part water change every two weeks. Heating within an aquarium is regulated automatically, so once set there no need for further adjustment.

Dillywood Aquatics | Marine Fish

Tropical marine or saltwater fish
are well represented at Dillywood
Aquatic Centre. We stock some of
the most stunning of fish, their
vivid colours and unusual shapes
make them a firm favourite.

Though a little more difficult to
keep than freshwater fish, with the
right equipment and advice we will
point you in the right direction for
keeping these wonderful fish.

The salt used to make the seawater is specially formulated with all the added elements to keep your fish healthy.

Pond & Cold Water Fish

Dillywood Aquatics | Pond & Cold Water Fish

We stock a wide range of pond
and coldwater fish. We pride
ourselves on our wide range of
pond fish including goldfish,
shubunkins, koi, orfe, rudd, tench,
common, mirror and ghost carp,
gudgeon, barbel, bream and
sturgeon / sterlets.

Our large coldwater section was
completed in April 2009 with huge
success. This section contains
twelve small VATs, three 120
gallon VATs, six 500 gallon VATs, and a large 4000 gallon VAT.

We Stock A Wide Range of Fish

Community Fish






Corydoras Species









We specialise in Central American, South American and African Cichlids.

As well as:


L Numbers

Cold Water Fish

Koi Carp
Sarasa Comets
Ghost Carp
Sturgeon / Sterlet
Grass Carp
Butterfly Ghosts

Call us on
01634 719889

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